Feb 08

Panther Creek Cellars 2010 Was Mishandled

Panther Creek label Panther Creek 2010 was mishandledRawr! This stuff is the real deal. Panther Creek Cellars 2010 Willamette Valley (OR) pinot noir “winemaker’s cuvee.” Bought a bottle at Grocery Outlet in Palo Alto. Aromas of wet dog and well-used sweat socks lead to a palate best described as petrochemical. I give it four rats. If you’re human, avoid this one like the Panther P*** it is. My humans suspect, however, that the Panther Creek Cellars 2010 was mishandled.

Thankfully, this is not available on the winery website. (There is a 2011 vintage for $30.) One suspects it was remaindered to Grocery Outlet. Which brings to mind a tail from long ago.

I was visiting Boca Raton, Florida while my humans were there on business. Tried to buy some reputable California wine. The lone local good wine shop was closed during the hours I could make it, leaving me at the mercy of supermarkets. Even the best brands I could find were tinged with acetic acid — vinegar. That was fine with me, but my humans insisted on writing the wineries to let them know their wine was being mishandled. They got some very nice replies, but the bottom line is that once it’s out the door of the winery, there’s not much they can do to control who distributes what to where.

It’s difficult to imagine how mishandling a wine could create the particular combination of qualities in the Panther Creek pinot noir. But the winery has a nice website and appears reputable. So just avoid this particular vintage, especially at Grocery Outlet in Palo Alto.



Dec 14

David Bruce 2010 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

The humans paid over $20 for a bottle of David Bruce 2010 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir at our local Safeway.  They took one sip each and turned it over to me.  Starts out like a heavy pinot, but about halfway through the mouth swishing it turns into a propylene glycol-like concoction that leaves a film on the roof of your mouth.  They hated it, I thought it was OK (but I’ve tasted better).  #3rats


Sep 13

unWined Pinot Noir From Romania?

unWined Pinot Noir

unWined Pinot Noir

My female slave brought home a bottle of unWined Pinot Noir from Romania?  Sure was a funny-looking bottle.  And a 2011 vintage?  This stuff is put together by Cramele Recas in Recas, Romania (see map below).  The male human slave claims they’ve been making wine for two decades.  Hard to tell.

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Actually, this stuff was fairly dreadful.  Aromas will appeal to humans and the flavor is inoffensive (again, to humans).  But what made it a hit for me was the propylene-glycol-like film that stuck to the roof of my mouth for a full five minutes after tasting.  Outstanding!  But since that was the only major flaw, I only give it three rats.


May 25

What Do New College Graduates Have In Common With Polar Bears?

New Yorker CoverWhat do new college graduates have in common with polar bears?  I’m glad you asked.  Luckily for all of us, the New Yorker has the answer.  Above is the cover of the current issue.  Draw your own conclusions.

If the new graduates end up on ice floes, there’s still a problem.  Who will refill my food bowl?  Yowl!

Apr 26

Hobnob 2010 pinot noir

Picked up a bottle of Hobnob 2010 pinot noir at Mollie Stone’s supermarket in Palo Alto.   No aroma.  No varietal character.  A finish reminiscent of floor wax — awful tasting and lingers on your tongue.  Dreadful stuff.  I loved it.  Mmmmeeeoooowwwww.

Should have suspected this from the provenance: “Produced and bottled by Hobnob Vineyards.  Imported by Hobnob Wine Co., White Plains, NY.”  Then on the next line, this: “Produce [sic] of France.”  Enough room for a whole bunch of nose-pointing among those fat cats. Four rats.

Mar 03

OT: I Support Hank

Rowr!  I support Hank the Cat’s Senate run in Virginia. But Hank is now being met with negative campaigning. The local NBC station reported the following:

As with Mordor, you cannot just walk into a Senate seat. “He has enemies,” an email warned us today…[He] is being branded as a carpetbagger in a new video from an unnamed opposition.” Hank has never released his birth certificate or tax returns, and has never responded to allegations that he used catnip,” the video also warns.

Got that?  Unlike most current members of Congress, Hank has never used mind-altering chemicals.

NBC also reported that the ad says it was paid for by Canines for a Feline-Free Tomorrow Super PAC, but was uploaded to Youtube by THE BiG HONKIN’, a group of writers and filmmakers.

His campaign manager responded in another article that “Hank is refusing to respond to baseless attack ads. Hank states that this is exactly the type of advertising and wastefulness in Washington that he is running against, and absolute proof that he is scaring those in charge. Hank will not respond to these allegations, and will continue on his positive campaign of job creation, spay/neuter programs, and ridding the Capitol of rats.”


Dec 24

Black Box Cab: Black is Bad

The humans brought home a 1.5 liter box of Black Box cabernet sauvignon.  After one little taste, they turned it over to me.  This stuff is great — sweet, red, with no discernable cab character.  Maybe the producers thought “cab” meant Microsoft “cabinet” compressed files.  I rate this one five rats.  I loved it.  If you’re human, you probably won’t.


Nov 25

Rowr! Costco Handles Wine Badly, Great for Me!

The humans have drunk a number of bottles of Taz pinot noir with great pleasure.  I looked forward to them having a great evening with the bottle of Taz.  I was less sure about the Louis Jadot Pinot Noir Burgogne, but what the heck.

Luckily for me, Costco had ruined both wines.  The Taz was corked.  The Jadot was near vinegar.  I rate the Taz as 4 rats, the Jadot as 5 rats.  This is not an evaluation of the wineries or even the wines.  But I gotta thank Costco for being so sloppy.


Nov 14

Welcome to Paws4Pinot

Welcome to Paws4Pinot.  Beau is the official owner of this site.  Beau is also the official feline of CaliforniaWineFan.com.

Beau loves pinot noir.  Send him a bottle asap.

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